Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Really! My Dish Wash Lasted Four Months.

Everyone does dishes and not always by hand.   Years ago I had a chance to put in a dish washer when we remodeled our kitchen.   Did I?  The years passed and  so,  I plug away washing dishes, an average of twice a day.   For the last 35 years, I have used only one product and that is a Shaklee product.   When I started using Shaklee products, it was called Satin Sheen, a nice pink liquid, today it is light-yellow, it is called Dish Wash.  Reminds me of sunlight and how shiny the dishes are when done.     As always, Shaklee names their products with a simple flair.

The picture depicts a full bottle of Dish Wash Concentrate and a bottle with about a fifth of the product left.   I opened this bottle on September 27, 2010 and I am writing this February 15, 2011.   Yes, this simple bottle of Get Clean Dish Wash Concentrate has lasted almost 4 and 1/2 months.   Wow!    Can anyone say this about the brand that you use everyday?   I wonder. Challenge me!

How do I do it?  Even a Shaklee distributor was impressed.   She said she never even thought about how far this product goes when used according to directions.   Do I get suds?  Yes, and sometimes more than I would need.   I simply take the bottle, squeeze a few drops in running, hot water and then squeeze a few drops into the dish cloth, this creates the extra suds everyone seems to love.   My father, the wise man that he was, always said, too many suds causes drain problems.  (I remember how often he had the dirty job of cleaning out the kitchen drain.)  I do judge the amount of concentrate needed for the amount of dishes.   On holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, family gatherings, of course I use more product.   The dishes are always shiny and clean and I can't imagine using anything else for my dishes.   A fringe benefit:   nice soft hands too.

Drain problems?   Well, here is another wonderful benefit of using Dish Wash, it is a grease cutter.     How sweet is it not to be calling a plumber to unplug that drain? (My father would have delighted in this product.)   I never fear about having a running drain when I wash my dishes with this green product.    Remember:    Dr. Shaklee was very clear, "Everything in Harmony with Nature."   He never  created a product that would harm nature, he truly believed that we are all part of nature, and we need to do everything to keep nature Green, the color that we so love to see in spring, summer and the changing colors of fall.

For a little price comparison now:

Dawn                                   19 Fl oz                            $2.99

Joy                                       30 Fl oz                              2.59

Shaklee Dish Wash               16 Fl oz                              6.90  (Member Price)
Concentrate                                                  Cost for this product would be about $1.72 per month    

Here's a challenge for you:    Can you beat my use of Shaklee's Dish Wash Concentrate using your favorite product?   How long does your product last using it on the average of twice a day?  What does it cost per month?   Would love to hear from you. 

I hope that you will try this Get Clean Dish Wash Concentrate, a product that's safe, a product that works and a product that is always GREEN......  

Thanks  for viewing my blog.    Until the next time!     Ann

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's Go Green!

Why bother? you say.   Green products are just too expensive and I pick up my cleaners at the big box stores or when I go to the grocery store.   I hear this often, but I also know with a little research,  take an inventory of your household products, you will be amazed, the $$$ we spend on cleaners, how many are gathering dirt in the basement, or under the kitchen sink.  Do you ever think about or worry if these cleaners are safe?  Or how they may affect a child's health?

Once we research the importance of using simple, non-toxic and environmentally safe products, wouldn't we want to use safe  cleaners in our homes?   Little ones are into everything and crawl or need space on the kitchen floor or the family room.   Don't you want your children free of any chemicals that might be harmful as they innocently play?   What about the toys they share with playmates?   Don't you want them to play safely without worrying that what we clean their toys with might be harmful to them?

I would like to invite you to learn about some wonderful products made by the Shaklee Corporation.   I have used their star household product, Basic-H for the last 37 years and couldn't be happier with the results.  Before anyone thought of going Green, Shaklee developed the first Green product and  introduced Shaklee distributors to the importance of keeping our streams and lakes free of chemicals and major toxins.

The first Green product introduced by Shaklee was  simply named:  Basic-H. 

Nothing fancy about the name, just: Basic-H.  Today, 50 years later, we celebrate the importance of this one product as environmentally friendly.

According to our founder Dr. Shaklee, he believed and lived the following:  "Everything in Harmony with Nature."   As I mentioned, I have used this product for over 37 years and have brought up our three kids in a Basic-H house.  

Basic-H is highly concentrated, so you need very, very little, it will go a long, long way and most important, it is a friend to our healthy living and for our children too.

Here are some wonderful ways for Basic-H to become a leading Green product in your household:

It is wonderful on windows, mirrors, cleaning your floors, spot cleaning carpeting, shower walls, grease cutter for the drains, washing the car, soaking pots and pans, dusting,  washing woolens, silks, all fine fabrics, washing fruits and vegetables, for clothing spots and many, many more uses.

Can Basic-H save you money?   Yes, inventory the cleaners in your basement, under your sink, the laundry room and in the garage.   I would imagine you have lots of $$$$ invested in all those products.   Change brands, replace them with Basic-H and look at the extra space you now have,  not to mention the $$$ you will be enjoying.

To help get the most for your dollar use the three bottles from Shaklee and the squeeze bottle pictured here.

For General cleaning: use 1/4 tsp to 16 oz sprayer or pint of water.
Windows, mirrors, fruits & veggies, watering plants:  use 1-2 drops to 16 oz sprayer or pint of water.
For anything greasy such as hands, pots & pans or as a spot remover, use the Basic-H straight or in the degreaser bottle with 1/2 teaspoon  of H.

Cost:   Let's do some cost comparison:

Fantastic Heavy Duty     32oz      $2.37       Straight            1/4 gal          $9.48 cost per gallon
Basic - H                       16oz       10.35      2 teaspoons      48 gal            . 22 cents
                                                                   16 oz water

Windex                          32oz      $2.50       Straight            1/4gal            $10.00 cost per gallon
Basic - H                       16oz       10.35      2 drops           1,456 gal          less than 1 cents
                                                                   16 oz water

The above prices are based on member prices, that is a 15% discount.    Basic-H is highly concentrated and can save the average person $$$.   It is a matter of trying the product, using it and then changing brands.

For additional information, please click on:  Basic H2

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